Saleh As-Saleh rahimahullaah (Audio)

Audio Files (mp3)

Advices and RemindersTopics include: anger – envy – patience – repentance

Dua – Points of Benefit
Dua – Understanding and Rulings

The Three Fundamental Principles
Explanation of The Four Rules
Reviewing the Creed-Al-Hakami – Based upon the book of Shaik Al-Hakami
Al-Qadaa wal Qadar Pre-Decree
Explanation of Basic Rulings and Principles of Fiqh of Sh-Ibn-Sadi
The Concise Fiqh

Jihad in Islam

Knowledge – Etiquettes and Sources
Knowledge – Points of Benefit
Knowledge – Sources of Knowledge In Islam Topics include “Authoritative Validity of Sunnah”

NewToIslam – Goodness and Necessity of IslamBased upon the work of Sh.. Ibn Baaz rahimahullaah
NewToIslam – How to Understand Islam
NewToIslam – The Search for The Truth
NewToIslam – Who Deserves to be Worshipped AloneSeries of lectures explaining the belief in Allaah
NewToIslam – Wisdoms of Mans Existence on Earth

Pillars of Islam

Pillar1 – The Shahaadah – Testimony of Faith
Explanation of meaning and conditions of Shahaadah

Rulings on Funerals
Rulings on New Matters
Rulings on Oaths
Rulings on Travel Related To – Salah – Fasting
Rulings on Udhiyah Hadee Aqeeqah
Rulings on Vows
Rulings Related to Custody of Children

The Prophets
The Prophets – Correcting some reports
The Prophets – FAQ Clarifications
The Prophets – Jesus – Clearing Misconcepts
The Prophets – Muhammad – Faq and Clarifications
The Prophets – Muhammad (Sallahu Alaihi WaSallam)
The Prophets – Muhammadt Qualities

Aromatic Fragrance and Permeating Incense Biographies of Prophet and Abu Bakr – Q&A Format
Seerah – Merits of the Companion , Successorss Topics include their roles in preserving the Sunnah
Seerah – Merits of the ScholarsTopics include Pearls of Grace and Wisdom
Seerah – Stories of Muslims

Tafseer – Principles of TafseerTopics include compilation of Quran and abrogations
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 01 Al-Faatihah
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 02 Al-Baqarah
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 18 Al-Kahf
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 31 Luqman
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 36 Yaa-Seen
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 49 Al-Hujuraat
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 50 Qaaf
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 51 Adh-Dhaariyaat
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 52 At-Tuur
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 53 An-Najm
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 54 Al-Qamar
Tafseer – Explanation Surah 78-114 – Tafseer Juz Amma

Tahara – FAQ – Salah – Wudhu – Ghusl
Tahara – Umdatul ah-Kaam – Purification

The Caller to Allaah – Manners and Qualities
The Correct Response for Those Who Altered the Religion of Jesus

The Concise Admonition by Shaikal-Islam Ibn Tayemmeyah

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