Sha'ban Fatwas page 2

Reconciling the Hadith: “When Sha‘ban is half over, do not fast” with the Hadith stating that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to join the Sawm of Sha‘ban with Ramadan
Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays after the fifteenth of Sha‘ban
Delay of making up for Ramadan until Sha‘ban even without an excuse
Fasting on the last day of Sha‘ban
Permissibility of Sawm on the thirtieth of Sha‘ban if it coincides with a day habitually fasted on
Impermissibility of Sawm on the Day of Doubt, even if the sky is overcast
Fasting the Day of Doubt does not suffice instead of the first day of Ramadan
Completion of thirty days of Jumada II and Rajab does not mark the incompletion of Sha‘ban
The case of not observing Sawm early on the thirtieth day of Sha’ban to find out later that it is the first day of Ramadan
Making use of observation instruments to sight the new moon