The Hadith "Love the Arabic Language for three reasons…"

Q 1: I heard that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said in a Hadith: love the Arabic language for three (reasons): It is the language of the Qur’an, the language of Paradise and my mother tongue. Is this Hadith Sahih (authentic)?

Q: The Hadith you ask about was not related in this wording, but

( Part No : 3, Page No: 245)

it was related in the wording: Love Arabs for three (reasons): I am an Arabian, Qur’an was (revealed in) Arabic, and the language of people of Paradise is Arabic. It was narrated by Al-Tabarani in his book Al-Mu`jam Al-Kabir and Al-Mu`gam Al-Awsat on the authority of Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them both). It was also related by Al-Suyuti in his book Al-Durar Al-Muntathirah. However, this Hadith is extremely weak and some scholars of the science of Hadith deemed it as Mawdu` (fabricated) such as Abu Hatim, Al-`Uqayly, Ibn Al-Jawzi in his book Al-Mawdu`at. Al-Haythami mentioned the Hadith in his book Majma` Al-Zawa’id and commented: It is related by Al-Tabarani in Al-Mu`gam Al-Kabir and Al-Mu`gam Al-Awsat but he used: “The language of the people of Paradise is Arabic.” The Sanad (chain of narrators) of this Hadith includes Al-`Ala’ ibn `Amr Al-Hanafi who is a weak narrator as unanimously agreed by scholars. Al-Dhahabi said in his book Al-Mizan: Al-`Ala ibn `Amr is Matruk (a narrator whose Hadith transmission was discarded due to unreliability). Ibn Hibban said: He is not to be taken as a proof at all. Ibn Hibban mentioned the narration of Al-`Aqily of the Hadith referred to and said: This Hadith is Mawdu` (fabricated). Moreover, Al-`Aqily mentioned the chain of transmission of this Hadith and said: It is Munkar (rejected Hadith reported by a weak narrator whose narration conflicts with an authentic Hadith), of unconformable text and has no reference.

Therefore, this Hadith is extremely weak and is not permissible to be taken as a proof or reference.