My Experience In Great Britain

My Experience In Great Britain


By the Our Noble Sheikh Yahia Iben Ali Al Hajooree


After Praising Allah, The Lord of the Worlds And Sending Peace and Blessings upon The Final Prophet Muhammad SalaAllah Aliyha Wa Salaim The Sheikh Hafidafullah Started By Saying…………………………………….. ………………………………

Upon Returing from our first Da’wah trip to England our sheikh(Moqbil) and our brothers at Daar-ul- Hadeeth in Dammaj asked us to relate to them some news of that journey. Afterward, the sheikh may Allah Preserve him, Instructed that the tape (of the lecture) be transcribed and printed due to what would be anticipated from it, such as benefit for the Muslims and a warning to them of blindly following the disbelivers. So our Noble brother, Khaleel bin ‘Abdir-Rabb At-Taizee took the task of transcribing the lecture, while our brother Abu Salamah Al-Mahmoodee Al Iraaqee typed it into the Computer. And our noble brother Sa’eed Al Hubaishaan Al Hadramee took care of printing it . So May Allah Reward all of them with good.

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My Experience in Great Britain – Shaykh Yahya al Hujooree


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