What is the best way for a student of knowledge to master the information


What is the best way for a student of knowledge to master the information is it by reading and continually looking at the information or by searching or is it by teaching?


Before all this, the best way a student of knowledge should seek to master the information is by seeking knowledge in a continuous manner and not stop while supplicating and invoking his lord to help him. In addition to seeking knowledge in a continuous manner is putting a greater effort on it and striving hard.

He will not be a scholar, the one who seeks knowledge for only sometimes then stops. I mean, He may not care about the books of knowledge nor would care about the people of knowledge. However, if he has taken basics of knowledge and has intelligence, returning to Allah, reads the books seeking knowledge and strives hard, Allah may make it easy upon him. But if he would seek knowledge for example in a college or a university for 4 years then when he is done, he went for a master’s degree or a doctorate and when is done, he loses interest for knowledge. He gets occupied with the position. (This person) cannot be a scholar.  When some of the scholars of the past got busy with their positions, such as court positions and other than it, their memory became weak and as a result were labeled as weak with regards to the (narrations of Hadeeth).

This knowledge is a sign from the signs of Allah. The sins and other opposing matters can cause it harm, as well as the innovations can have an effect on it. Even if he would strive hard while he is an innovator, there are no blessings with it. Wealth and relying on this worldly life can cause it harm.  Shaykh Muqbil made a chapter in his “Authentic collection” that a person gets affected by these things. Then he mentioned the Hadith of Zyed  bin Thabit, I heard the Prophet Sala Allahu Allaihi Wasalam saying:

Whoever makes the worldly life his major concern, then Allah will scatter his situation for him (i.e. make it difficult) and his poverty will be placed between his eyes. He will not get from this world anything except that which has already been written for him”

Getting occupied with the worldly life harms this knowledge as well as trials and tribulations can have an affect on it. Knowledge requires many things that can preserve it.

As for what has been mentioned (in the question), then. One should not focus on one way and leaves off the other. So a student of knowledge is in need of gaining from knowledge that which he is in need of.

He should benefit his brothers from that which they need by teaching them so that the information could settle with him. He should search for which is unclear to him and for which he needs to benefit the Muslims with.

(This way) the information will settle with him even more. The student of knowledge who wants Allah to make him a benefit for others, it is important that he has this. This is of course after we mentioned having Taqwa of Allah, returning to him and doing righteous good deeds.


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