Question 3 From the brother in Kuwait to Shaykh Yahya Al-Hajoree

3rd question:

Oh Sheikh is it permissible to give charity to hizbi organizations like Jame’yah Ihyaa’a At-Taraath and others? And what is your statement in regards to the one who passes religious verdicts making it permissible?


The one who makes it permissible to donate and collect money for Jame’yah Ihyaa’a At-Taraath (and the likes) he is in error. With this, they divide the people and spread corruption (with their money). Like Sheikh Muqbil ibn Haadi used to say “with their money not with their ideologies” (meaning they focus on spreading they’re call with their money more so then their statements). Verily, this is aiding upon sin and transgression, and encouraging the people upon that. Yes, and there are some who the affair has not become clear to them, but as for the one who it was clarified to him and he knows (then he is in sin and in error). Verily our Sheikh has clarified this issue in his book “المصارعة” as well as other books, and other than him from the people of knowledge.

From their corruption was their splitting the Call to Allah in Yemen (Jame’yah Ihyaa At-Turaath). After them came Jame’yah Al- Birr. They split the Call using Abi Hasan (Al-Ma’ribi, Al-Misri, the hizbi). And Allah’s Aid is sought. And encouraging this type of action in regards to these affairs is a mistake and not putting things in their proper place. And it’s not permissible to aide and assist sinning and transgression. And this is from what we have mentioned in numerous tapes and books and the likes in much detail of this matter. For this is a mere advice due to the lack of time.0

Recorded the third night of the week of the 3rd day of the month Rajab 1431

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