News on Damaaj- Sunday 3rd of Muharam 1433H

Asalamu Alaikum WarhmatuAllahi Wabarkatuh,

We remind our brothers and sisters that the evil plots of the Raafidhah against Damaaj was a total failure, and all praise is due to Allah.

The Raafidhah made an attack on one of the mountains of Damaaj on Saturday, first by firing explosives towards that mountain were some of the students were doing guard duty on. However many of those explosives were off target walhamdulilah. Then they made an attempt to attack the mountain by sending troops from within themselves (the Raafidhah) to climb the mountain from behind likewise that was again a total failure whereas many of those students doing guard duty began firing towards that direction which lead to the death of many of the Raafidhah, which is between the number of (70-120) and about 50 of them were severely wounded to the degree the hospital in Sa’dah could not fit all of them.

And those who were killed from the students were those doing guard duty on that mountain, as ash-Shaykh Yahya al-Hajoore mentioned today in his lesson after Dhur `those whom were killed from the Raafidhah were far more than those whom were killed on that mountain from the students.’

Throughout all of what was taking place on that mountain the lessons in Damaaj were still continuous, walhamdulilah.

Since that disastrous attack of the Raafdiah, the Raafidhah have been quiet, perhaps out of embarrassment that their plan was a total failure. Walhamdulilah.

Those who were wounded on that mountain from the students were lightly wounded except two who are waiting for the government committee to take them to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

Also the Centre here in Damaaj have financially funded the students this month and likewise supplied some of the needy with rice, pasta flour and etc. walhamdulilah.

Also still many of the houses here in Damaaj have electricity. Currently the raafidhi sniper has stopped shooting.

Since our Noble Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree called for Jihaad, many of the people of Ahlus-Sunnah have been attacking the Raafidhah from outside of Damaaj, so their end is soon Inshaa Allah.

Conclusion: Ash-Shaykh Muhammad al-Hizaam requested from me to correct some of the inaccurate news that was spread, which lead some of our brothers and sisters in Islam to assume that we are not in the stage of victory over these raafidhah.

Allah, the Most High, has protected this blessed Da’wah in Damaaj from the evil plots of the Raafidhah.

So continue to make du’e against the Raafidhah that Allah destroys them.

Baarakallahu feekum

Abu Fajr

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