Question to Sheikh Yahyaa Al-Hujoori concerning the role of the Imaam and the Administration of the Masjid

Question to Sheikh Yahyaa Al-Hujoori concerning the role of the 

Imaam and the Administration of the Masjid

Question: We have a Masjid where the administration is not Salafi but the Imaam is. The administration invites people (to give religious address) whose conditions are unfamiliar (there Methodology). Does the Imaam stand by and listen to them give their talks knowing their conditions are anonymous? 


Answer: (Praise and Extolment of Allah by the Sheikh was already made in the beginning of the questioning) I advice with leaving off the spreading of these administrations of the Masaajid, for verily it is a newly invented matter (innovation). It did not exist in the time of the Salaf, may Allah be pleased with them all. Adversely you’ll find this matter in the lands of the Muslims, as well as here in Yemen. You’ll find they say the administration is so and so or a certain group of people. They may even get to the point of have an election for the purpose of reforming the administration. This is one issue, the second issue is as long as the Masjid is not under the control of the Imaam and he is there as is the meaning of an Imaam of the Masjid (teaches, leads the prayers, give the Khutbah, connects them to the people of Knowledge, etc.) he disapproves that which he sees to his ability. As it comes in the well known Narration: The Prophet, may the peace and prayer be upon him, said, “Whoever sees an evil he should change it with his hands and if he is not able than with his tongue (he should speak about it) and if he is not able than he should hate it in his heart and this is the weakest of Faith.” Recorded by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh narrated by Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudari
Whether it is that he sees an evil from the people of innovation that attend the Masjid or other than that which occurs from immorality that he is able to change. If he is not able to change any of the evils then it is advised with total forbiddance in this situation for verily he is a witness to evil and he is not able to change it. Allah Y says; 

“And those who do not witness (attend, speak) falsehood, lies and if they pass by some false speech, they pass by it with dignity (not exposing themselves to its harms and not being entertained by staying away from it).”
Al-Furqaan: 72

If he is able to go to another Masjid and establish The Call to As-Salafiyyah there, then that would be better for him. This affair would become one of two circumstances; either the Imaam has the ability to change the iniquities that occur in this Masjid, from the way of the people of innovation, then he remains and makes changes according to his ability. Or either he does not have the ability to change any of the iniquities and he witnesses them, he must leave for another Masjid as we have mentioned.


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