What is Hizbiyyah

What is Hizbiyyah

.This is a collection on what the Scholars say about it and how it is defined in Al-Islam

: Shaykh Muqbil bin Hadee al-Waadiyee (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked

O honorable shaikh, some of the hizbees accuse us saying that we do not know what hizbiyyah is nor what it means. And (they say) that we consider hizbiyyah to be one who opposes us even in one matter. And they accuse us of not dealing with the one who has opposed in the best manner. And they are asking us for a definition of hizbiyyah. So can you please tell us, o noble shaikh, how is one declared to be hizbi? And what is the definition of hizbiyyah? And what is the criteria for the blameworthy hizbiyyah? May Allah reward you with good.

The answer: O my brothers, these people want from us to picture the hizbi as being a MONSTER! Or that we picture the hizbi as being a bull with horns! No, my brothers! The issue is and issue of ideology. Allegiance and disassociation. Allegiance towards whoever is with them and disassociation from whoever is not with them. People who don’t fear Allah and they possibly warn from ahlus-sunnah and insult them…”[till end of his speech] And from what the Shaikh also mentioned: “Hizbiyyah is allegiance and disassociation. Hizbiyyah is plotting and deceit!”1

Shaykh Rabee ibn Haadi Al Madkhalee

(may Allah have mercy on him) was asked about Hizbiyyah (bigoted partisanship, unjust biasness in the religion of Al-Islam)

What is the meaning of Hizbiyyah? And what is the meaning when someone says, Verily, so and so has with hi Hizbiyyah? And who are the Hizbiyoon? And what is their call? And what is their methodology

The Answer
Everyone who contradicts the Methodology of the prophet peace and blessings be upon him and his Prophetic way are from the groups or parties of misguidance and bigotry (i.e. Hizbiyoon). Allah the Glorious and Exalted named the previous (disbelieving nations) ahzab (the confederates or the groups) He the Glorious and Exalted named Quraysh ahzab when they gathered together and other groups joined with them. They did not have any forms of organization. So being organized is not a condition for having a group (Hizb). So if this group is organized it adds to their deviance (against Al-Islam).

Being biased (Hizbee) to a specific idea that contradicts the book of Allah the Glorious and Exalted and Prophetic way of the Messenger peace and blessing upon him, along with allegiance and animosity upon this, this is Hizbiyyah even if it is not an organization. They build upon a deviant mind set and gather people to this group. Whether being organized or not it is the same as long as they gather on one thing that contradicts the book of Allah the Glorious and Exalted and the Prophetic way of the Messenger peace and blessings be upon him then this is being bais (Hizbee). The disbelievers, that waged war against the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him did not have the organization structure that is present these days, and with that Allah the Glorious and Exalted used the term groups (ahzab) upon them unrestrictedly. So how is that?

That is because verily they were biased for the falsehood (Al-Hizbiyya) and waged war with the truth

كذبت قبلهم قوم نوح والأحزاب من بعدهم وهمت كل أمة برسولهم ليأخذوه وجادلوا بالباطل ليدحضوا به الحق فأخذتهم فكيف كان عقاب

The people of Nuh (Noah) and the confederates after them denied (their Messengers) before these, and every (disbelieving) nation plotted against their Messenger to seize him, and disputed by means of falsehood to refute therewith the truth. So I seized them (with punishment), and how (terrible) was My punishment!

Allah the Glorious and Exalted named them as ahzab (groups, parties) and they worked together in groups. The Quraysh gathered together with the tribe Ghutfaan from Qais and the tribe Quraithah from the Jews of Khaibar and other Individuals from the different tribes. They didn’t have the organization like the organization of these days, but they gathered together upon falsehood so Allah the Glorious and Exalted named them ahzab. And Allah the Glorious and Exalted named the Surah Ahzaab so were these groups organized?
So it is not a condition for Hizbiyyah (bigoted partisanship, unjust biasness in the religion of Al-Islam) that it is an official organization. If they believe in false concepts and argue and dispute because of it and make there enmity and allegiance restricted based on it, this is a hizb (group, party, devision). So if one increases on that by organization and gathering money and so on, then of course, he then devotes all his efforts to Hizbiyyah and becomes from the groups of misguidance, deviation and deception, and we seek refuge with Allah the Glorious and Exalted from that. 2

Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzaan (may Allah protect him) was asked: “Is it obligatory upon the scholars to explain the dangers of bigoted partisanship? And also the dangers of splitting into sects and groups?

The Shaikh replied: Yes, it is obligatory to explain the danger of bigoted partisanship, and the dangers of splitting up into sects and groups so that people can be upon clarity. Because even the common folk get deceived. How many of the common folk get deceived these days by some of the groups and sects whom they think to be upon the truth? So it is necessary for us to explain to the people (the educated and the common folk) the dangers of parties and sects. Because if they keep quiet, the people will say: “The scholars knew about this and they kept quiet” – so misguidance enters from this door. So clarification is necessary when these matters occur; and the danger upon the common folk is more than the danger upon the educated ones because with the silence of the scholars they (the common folk) will think that these (i.e. the parties and sects) are correct and they are upon the haqq.3


Muqbil bin Hadee al-Waadiyee (may Allah have mercy on him) said:
The pillars of Hizbiyyah (partisanship) are three:
1) Lying
2) Deciet
3) Deception
A Path To Hizbiyyah

Shaykh Muqbil bin Hadee al-Waadiyee (may Allah have mercy on him) said
The collection of funds leads to the path of hizbiyya, yes the funds lead to the path of hizbiyya
Citation Extract from the tape: “Questions in the Eid al-Fitr” second tape

And he said
The first thing that starts by the followers of the hizbiyya is collecting money. They
say: “We will make a cash collection.” Then after that, comes the hizbiyya. We seek Allah’s help from this.” End Quote
Extract from the tape: Issues of the Brothers in Sana’a and Hudaydah, Side 2

And he said:
“O my brothers! These associations (Jam’iyyat), and fund raising, are a the way of hizbiyyah. Yes, yes, the path of hizbiyya and means leading to hizbiyya … “End
Extract from the tape: issues Bani Bakr 1421 (2000), one year before the death of

A Doubt

Shaikh Yahya Al-Hajoori (may Allah preserve him) was asked: “O Shaikh, may Allah
reward you) some people say: ‘I consider to be a proof for Abdur-Rahman’s salafiyyah (that he is upon salafiyya), the fact that he did not join any of the current hizbi groups’. So is this speech correct? What is your advice? May Allah grant you success.

The answer: This speech is incorrect. If we looked into the sects of the Shee’ah, how many sects are they? More than twenty sects. And similarly the sects of the Soofiyyah, the sects of the Murj’iah, the sects of the Jahmiyyah, the sects of the Mutazilah and sects of the hizbiyyeen. So the statement that ‘a person is not hizbi unless he falls under one of the parties’ –

this is a false foundation! How many a people do not want to be under a particular sect, rather he wants to have a sect for himself and to be a head of misguidance. And from this came the (various) sects. In the time of Al-Hassan Al-Basri (may Allah have mercy on him), he had students and pupils amongst them: Wasl Al-Gazaal and others from amongst the people. Shaytaan deceived them into believing that they had eloquence and that they had… and that they had… So Wasl ibn ‘Athaa ramified and declared (innovated) principles, left Al-Hassan and became after that from amongst the leaders of misguidance. And similarly ‘Amr ibn Ubaid. And similarly others. So this principle is a false principle ‘that a person is not called hizbi unless he calls to elections; and is not called a hizbi unless he has a secret organization or has a charity organization’ – all of this is not necessary. Hizbiyyah is restricted allegiance and opposition. And this is aplenty in Abdur-Rahman and this new hizb that ramified from here (i.e. Dammaaj). So hizbiyyah is applicable to their actions in the most complete way. And from it: their competing in the acquisition of masaajid. And from it: their buttering up and keeping quiet against the people of falsehood…” till the end of the Shaikh’s speech.6

1 From the tape “Questions from the people of Raida – Hadramout” – this is the last question on the tape

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6 Refer to “The restricted allegiance and opposition that Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhaab and the new hizb have” – by our Shaikh the Allaamah Yahya Al-Hajoori (may Allah protect him)

Source: http://aloloom.net/vb/showthread.php?t=8791

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