We Are Dammaj And Dammaj Is Us!!! Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan

Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan, may Allah preserve him delivered a lecture from Jubail (Saudi Arabia) on Monday, December 05 2011.1

The Shaykh covered topics of Aqeedah (Belief) and Fiqh (Understanding) from the books of Usul-us-Sunnah and Umdatul Ahkaam respectively.1

The Shaykh also spoke on the situation in Damaaj against the Houthiyoon and the deliberate ignoring by the media of what is happening in Dammaj. He said the news is such that even if an animal fell into a well you would know about it but Damaaj has been under attack for almost two months and there is no news about it.1

Our Shaykh, may Allah preserve him also said this is a kind of agreement (of the transgression upon Ahlus Sunnah) and a great evil. He said that the kuffar and ahlul bid’ah see the Salafiyyoon as their enemies. The Shaykh likewise said: “We are Dammaj and Dammaj is us.”1

Listen to the audio for the whole lecture may Allah (Subhana Wata’aa’a) bless you with it. Ameen.1

You may click on the link below:1


We ask Allah to Bless us with the ability to act upon what we learn

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