The Blockade of Dammaj – 17th December 2011

The Blockade of Dammaj - 17th December 2011

The day began and Sixty days have past and your brothers in Dammaj remain in the Oppresive Blockade; the Snipering is continuous and Martyrs have Preceded - Men, women and children. Whilst the Houthies drop in their Hundreds with the Might and Power of Allaah.  

Even with this, the Kindness of Allaah to his servants - those who establish At-tawheed - is evident, and to Allaah belongs the first and last of praises. And Allah is the Provider, the one who when he gives to an individual, no-one is able to prevent his giving.

Last night and student was killed due to the severe bombings, I ask Allaah that he has mercy upon him, and that he accepts him from the Martyrs. And the severe bombings are taking place only because of the great victory from Allaah being attained in Waayilah.

Also, last night the brothers - May Allaah grant them success - made an attack at the area 'An-Nuquu' and many of the Houthies dropped, some were killed and some were injured. And we give the glad tidings to out brothers Ahlus-Sunnah in every place the your brothers in Dammaj are in constant Jihaad and are aiding, assisting and sympathising for one another that which there is no equivalent to, and that they in a Goodness. And similarly our Shaykh Yahya - May Allaah preserve him - is in a state of good health and preserved with the preserving of Allaah, the Most High, and he was not harmed as what media mention. 

I present to you this emotional recording of one of the Children of Dammaj, that which will encourage you to Aid your brothers: 
A emotional speech from one of the children of damaaj

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