Ikhtilaaf is NOT A PROOF

AD-Dawah Al-Bayyinah

Imaam al-Khattaabee said: “And ikhtilaaf (in a matter) is NOT A PROOF, rather the explanation of the Sunnah is a proof against the opposition whether they be from the first or the latter ones.” (A’laamul Hadeeth 3/2093)


Imaam Ibn Abdil Barr said: “Ikhtilaaf is NOT A PROOF in the view of anyone that I know from the fuqahah of this Ummah, except for the one who has no vision, and who has no knowledge and who has no proof in his saying.” (Jaami’ Bayaanul ‘Ilm 2/229)


As for two permissible forms of opposing opinions, which I don’t believe this issue of wearing pants that do not cover the Awrah properly falls into by any stretch of the imagination, then Imaam Malik said: Ash-hab, a student of Imaam Malik said, “Malik was once asked whether it was safe to follow a ruling related to him by a reliable narrators who had heard it from the companions of the Prophet [peace be upon Him]. He (Imaam Malik) relied, “No by Allaah, not unless it is correct: the truth is only one. Can two opposing opinion be simultaneously correct? The opinion which is correct can only be one.” (Jaami’ Bayaanul ‘Ilm, Ibn ‘Abdil Barr).


Hence, we do not see ikhtilaaf as an excuse to make a thing – the asl of which is haraam – halaal, irrespective of who the scholars (assuming they are scholars of the Sunnah to begin with) are that oppose the haqq.

The principle of Ahlus Sunnah is: “The men are known by the Truth, but the Truth is not known by the men.”


Ruling on issue of ikhtilaaf

A questioner asked:
“What is the obligation on a Muslim in the issues of differences…?”

The obligation on the Muslim, in the issues of differences. That, if there is with him the aptitude of looking into the text, surely he acts with what carries the greatest weight with him, with the evidences. And if he doesn’t have the aptitude to look, verily he asks those who are yuthiqa (trustworthy) with his Deen and his knowledge and his amaanatihi (faithfulness). So when he’s given a fatwa he acts with its ruling for the saying of Allaah ta’ala:

“And we didn’t send from before you except men (who) We revealed to them. So ask the people of the zhikr if it is that you don’t know.”

Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Aziz Rahji

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