The Blockade of Dammaj – 18th December 2011

The Blockade of Dammaj – 18th December 2011 

Yesterday they killed the little baby Ikraam and today they shot an Old lady in Dammaj!!!

The day began after the tragedy and the ugly crime which the enemies of Islaam and the enemies of the Noble Sahaabah from the Houthie Raafidhah did, in snippering the innocent baby Ikraam which brought about much enthusiasm to take revenge for her, and for every one who established At-Tawheed from amongst them who was killed oppressively.

And today after the Fajr prayer, a woman who was old in age was snippered in her foot and the blood has not ceased pouring from her – I ask Allaah to cure her – and there is not enough First Aid kits, whilst the Blockade is still in place and the snippering is continuous and Allah – Azza Wajal – takes revenge for his Noble Awliyaa.

Like that they have no mercy upon a breastfed baby, neither do they have any mercy upon and an old lady, nor an old man. This is their black history repeating itself time and time again. Even with this, Allaah aids His Awliyaa and He gives them from his Bounty.

The Convoys to Aid (Ahlus-Sunnah) from the Yemeni tribes make their way to Waayilah openly persisting to free Sa’dah from the Ar-Rafd (the way of the Rawaafidh) and its oppositions, so that Sa’dah – Inshallaah – becomes as it was in the time of the Sahaabah – Sunni and Salafi.

The people began moving towards Sa’dah from different angles in revenge for you Oh Ikraam and your likes, those who were oppressed Oh little Baby. 

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