The Blockade of Dammaj – 19th December 2011

 The day began and the Blockade is continuous upon Daarul-Hadeeth in Dammaj; Allaah preserves his Awliyaa and he is the best of Preservers, and he is the Provider and the best of Providers. This is after a Bloody day for the Children and Women from what Houthies undertook when they bombarded the houses of the Students with Heavy Artillery. The Houthies propagate some news regarding their determination in taking over Dammaj quickly and fiercely as they claim, and this with them is extreme intelligence!! And Ash-Shaykh Yahya Bin 'Ali Al-Hajooree has produced an advice for them before its too late (for them to leave off their oppression) and it is a valuable advice, if the Houthies were to accept it would be better for them. 
Listen to Advice from Below.... 
Brief Update from yesterday!! 
The Brother 'Abduraheem Al-'Adeeni - May Allaah have mercy upon him - was snippered (and killed). ‪ نحسبه شهيد والله حسيبه Similarly, a lady was wounded whilst she was with her son and her two daughters. She was successfully taken to Sa'dah by the the Red Cross with her two 
daughters, however, her son died due to his excessive bleeding, which is another new crime added to the crimes of the Criminal Houthies, the Apostates. The name of the little boy was: Az-Zubayr Hasan Al-Ghumayri - May Allaah have mercy upon him. ‪ نحسبه شهيد والله حسيبه Two students were wounded after Maghrib during the severe bombings, and I believe they died - May Allaah have mercy upon them. Also, the brother Muhammad Al-Hajooree was wounded - I ask Allaah to cure him.

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