How To Show Your Love For the Muslims

How To Show Your Love For the Muslims

The aspects of showing love and loyalty to the believers have been highlighted in the Ever-Glorious Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him). They include the following:

1. Immigrating to Muslim territories and leaving non-Muslim countries.

2. Supporting Muslims and aiding them with one’s soul, wealth, and tongue in whatever they need.

3. Sharing Muslims’ delight and distress …

4. Being sincere to them and wishing all good for them.

5. Respecting them and regarding them in high esteem.

6. A Muslim must aid his Muslim brothers at the time of weal and woe, affluence and distress. The hypocrites on the contrary, show sympathy only to the believers at times of affluence while forsaking them in adversities.

7. A Muslim should fulfill his obligations toward his Muslim brothers.

8. A Muslim must treat his weak brothers with kindness and tenderness.

9. Praying and asking Allah’s forgiveness for them.

Summarized from the book “Guide to a Sound Creed” by Sh. Salih al-Fawzan English translation pages 327 t0 331


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