“If Allah is with you then who do you fear and if he is against you then who are you going to get help from.”

In The Name Of Allah..“If Allah is with you then who do you fear and if he is against you then who are you going to get help from.”

Allah the most High says “If Allah loves someone he says who ever harms one of my Auliyah, I will announce war against that individual, and the servant does not draw near to me than anything more beloved than that which I made obligatory to him. And if I love a person then I will be his ears with which he hears, his sight with which he sees, his hand with which he grips and his feet with which he walks. If that person seeks refuge, I will grant him refuge.”
The one that Allah loves, Allah will accept his supplication and if he seeks refuge then Allah will grant him that.

Imam Ahmed (Rahimullah) said: “If Allah loves his servant then this will result in Allah giving that person honour, nobility and might and placing respect in the heart of the auliyah.”

Who are those that Allah loves?

Ibn ul Qayyim said: “The answer lies in the Qu’ran and Sunnah because they are full of mention those that Allah loves from his righteous servants.”

Those individual that Allah loves based on the text in the Qu’ran and Sunnah are:

1. Al-Mumin, Al-Muwahid. The True Believer Who worships Allah alone and believes in him as he has been commanded to believe. Whoever turns their backs, Allah will bring a people that love Him, and He loves them. They worship Him alone.

Ibn Taymiyyah said: “The more the slave perfects Tawheed, the more the servant loves Allah and the more the servant loves Allah, the more Allah loves him”. Allah does not like the oppressors and the greatest form of oppression is Shirk.

2. The one who follows the Sunnah. Allah says: “Say (Oh Muhammed) if you truly love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins”. This verse is also referred to as Surah Intiham (the test).Ibn Taymiyyah said: “Allah loves those people who stick to the Sunnah. There is no happiness unless we follow the Sunnah”

3. The one that loves the Companions. Allah hates those who hate them because the companions are auliyah of Allah. Allah says “Whoever inflicts harm upon any of my auliyah, then I have announced war against that person.” We should seek to follow the companions and their understanding of the Qu’ran.

4. The person that loves their brother purely for the sake of Allah. In a Hadith reported by Muslim, Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet ( sallalahu alaiha wa sallam) said “There was a man who visited his brother who lived in another village, an angel came to him as he was on his was and the angel asked “Where do you plan to go?” he said “I want to visit a brother of mine that resides in that village”, the angel then asked “are you visiting him to repay his favour?”, the man replied “No, the only reason I’m visiting is because I love him for the sake of Allah. The angel then said “I am a messenger that has been sent to you from Allah to inform you that Allah loves you just as you love this person”.

Loving a person for the sake of Allah is not simple so if you find someone who loves you for the sake of Allah hold on to them with all your strength because they are rarer than any gem. In this time people don’t love each other for the sake of Allah. How can you test yourself? One of the Salaf said if when this person treats you well, it does not increase your love for him and if he hurts you then you don’t hate him more. If you want to see if he is true then upset him, if you see him behaving as you would expect then he is your true friend. Loving one another is something that is rare in our time.

5. Al- Abd at-takir, al-ghanir, the servant that is righteous, pious self sufficient and prefers to remain hidden. Reported by Muslim, the prophet (sallalahu alaiha wa sallam) said, “Allah loves the servant that is righteous, self sufficient and prefers to be hidden, not wanting to be famous.” There are no limits that some people are willing to transgress to become famous “Allah loves those who are pious”( Al- Imran)

6. The one who is patient. Allah says “Allah is with those who are As- Sabirun (patient)( 8:46)”. Being patient is that we stop ourselves from despairing and panicking, and stop our tongues from complaining. Patience of which Allah informs us is that He loves those who are patient. The prophet (sallalahu alaiha wa sallam) said: “ Hastiness is from the devil ”

7. Those who place their trust and reliance on Allah. When you make a decision place your trust in Allah because Allah loves those who place their trust in Him. What does it mean to place your trust in Allah? It means that you place trust, from your heart, in Allah and that he will give you what is beneficial and protect you. You also believe no one gives; no one withholds no one benefits and no one harms except from Allah. The prophet (sallalahu alaiha wa sallam) said “A people will enter paradise and they will have hearts like birds meaning they place their trust in Allah just like the bird does. The Prophet explained; if you truly place your trust in Allah He will provide for you like He provides for the birds, which leaves the nest in the morning hungry and returns full”.
The story shows one of the fruits of placing trust in Allah. Prophet Ibrahim (alaiha sallam) said “Allah is sufficient for me and He is the best of protectors”. The fire was so hot that they had to throw him in from a distance but when he was faced with that trial he put his trust in Allah. The fire then cooled for him.

8. The person who is just, who is fair. Allah says in Qu’ran “Allah loves those who are just” What is just? Wherever dispute reaches you, you judge in accordance to the book of Allah and the Sunnah. One of the greatest blessings of Allah is that He makes a person just, and the person likes to be just and loves the truth and prefers it over everything else. Ibn Taymiyyah said: “No people have ever disputed about the fact that the end result of oppression is chaos”. That is why it has been said Allah will give victory to a just nation even if they are non Muslims. Be fair in all your affairs because Allah hates those who spread corruption, just because you don’t like someone does not mean you can be unjust.

9. The person who repents. Allah says in Al- Baqarah “Allah loves those who repent and He loves those who purify themselves.” Ibn ul Qayyim said “Repentance is one of the realities of the religion of Islam” The one who repents is the one who Allah loves. Repentance is that you abstain and abandon that which Allah dislikes and return to that which Allah loves. It is important that we never think that is too late for us to repent because this is an idea of the Shaitan to prevent you from repenting. Ibn Taymiyyah said: “Whoever repents to Allah then this general repentance, by the will of Allah, will result in a person being forgiven even if they don’t remember what they did.”

10. . Reported by Bukhari and Muslim. In a hadith where Aisha (radi allahu anha) said “A group of individuals complained to the prophet because one of the individuals would always finish salah with Surah Ikhlas, They mentioned it to the prophet (sallalahu alaiha wa sallam) and he said, “Ask him why is he doing this”. So they asked him and he said “it contains the attributes of Ar- Rahman and I love to recite it.” The prophet said “Tell this man that Allah loves him.” The scholars say there are two reasons why Allah loves him.
· Allah loves him because he loves Surah Ikhlas
· Allah loves this person because he loves to mention the attributes of Allah.
(This hadith is a refutation to those who say Allah has no attributes)

11. The person who posses Ihsan. Ihsan can be divided into 2 groups.
· To worship Allah as if you see Him and if you can’t see Him, know that He sees you.
· Treating the creation (humans, animals) fairly and properly.

The weak oppresses are those who oppress those weaker than them. If someone wrongs you, find it in yourself to pardon him. An example is in Al Adab al Mufrad (Ibn Kathir), when the companions brought the Jewish woman who tried to poison the prophet (sallalahu alaiha wa sallam), they asked him, “Should we kill her?” The prophet said “No” and he let her go.
If Allah loves a person, they will be successful in this life and the hereafter

We Ask Allah Tawfeeq In That Which He Loves And Is Pleased With



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