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Sha'ban Fatwas page 2

Reconciling the Hadith: “When Sha‘ban is half over, do not fast” with the Hadith stating that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to join the Sawm of Sha‘ban with Ramadan Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays after the fifteenth of Sha‘ban Delay of making up for Ramadan until Sha‘ban even without an excuse Fasting on … Continue reading

Sha'ban Fatwas

Knowing the first day of the month of Sha‘ban The Hadith saying, “Rajab is the Month of Allah and Sha‘ban is my month” Ruling on observing Sawm (Fasting) on certain days in Rajab Slaughtering a sacrifice in Sha‘ban Days missed from previous Ramadan must be made up for before the next Ramadan The ruling on … Continue reading

Slaughtering a sacrifice in Sha‘ban

Fatwa no. 16661 Q: Since my young age, I am accustomed to slaughter a sacrifice, or to put it more accurately, to give its meat away as Sadaqah (voluntary charity) in the month of Sha‘ban, on any of its nights? Is there anything wrong in doing so? Please enlighten me, may Allah enlighten you! A: … Continue reading

Knowing the first day of the month of Sha‘ban

The new moons, different places of sighting the new moon and astronomy calculations Fatwa no. 256 Q 1: How can we sight the crescent moon of Ramadan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? I would like to know the way of sighting the new moon. Who is officially responsible for announcing the sighting of the … Continue reading