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How should one Recite the Du’a of Qunoot

Ash-Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd, may Allah have mercy upon him, said: “ Verily reciting the du’a while beautifying ones voice, extending the letters and out crying it is a great evil which negates the form of humility ,the form of supplication and worship, which is a cause of riyaa (showing off) and to become amazed … Continue reading

Does Supplication Change That Which is Written?

Does Supplication Change That Which is Written? Question: Does supplication have any effect in changing what is written for a person before he was created? Answer: There is no doubt that supplication has an effect on changing what is written, but this change was also written because of the supplication. So, do not think that … Continue reading

When is the “hour of response” on Friday?

When is the “hour of response” on Friday? Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Majallat al-Buhooth, issue no. 34, p. 142 There are two opinions concerning the hour of response on Friday which are likely to be correct: The first is that it lasts from after ‘Asr until the sun sets, for those who sit and wait for … Continue reading