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When Does A Person Leave Salafiyyah

  Al Imaam Al Mujaddid Muqbel Ibn Hadee Al Wadiee (Rahimaullah) was asked a question regarding “When does a Person Leave Salafiyyah ?” Audio Link Click Here To Listen Download (Right click & Save As)

Shaikh Yahya’s advice on teaching English

Shaikh Yahya’s advice on teaching English The sheikh ( may Allah preserve him ) received a question during the lesson between maghrib and isha’ prayers, he said: … A brother wrote, after an introduction in which he mentioned that all Praise and thanks are due to Allah, and he mentioned some of the evidences, he … Continue reading

Learning Arabic in the U.S

4th Question I need to ask about learning Arabic here in the U.S.; specifically in New York.  What are the conditions a teacher must meet before we can start to learn the language with him? There are some teachers who are very good but they associate with some callers who have spoken ill of Salafiyah … Continue reading