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What is the validity of the apeman theory

The fifth question of Fatwa No. (5167) : Q5: There are some who claim that man was once an ape and then evolved. Is this correct, and is there any evidence to support this? A5: This statement is false; the evidence on that is that Allah has clarified in the Qur’an the stages of Adam’s … Continue reading

Provision is controlled by Allah in every respect

( Part No : 1, Page No: 68) Second question from Fatwa No. 10909: Q 2: How can Rizq (provision) be provided and determined by Allah when I can increase my daily work to attain more Rizq? How can Rizq be decreed and determined for me so that I cannot increase or decrease it? Are … Continue reading

Allah creating seven earths and seven heavens

( Part No : 1, Page No: 63) Fatwa No. (8805) : Q: Is there an Ayah (Qur’anic verse) or Hadith which states that there are seven earths? It is a controversial issue among us. If so, in which Surah of the Qur’an or in which Hadith is this stated? May Allah reward you the … Continue reading

Limits of thinking about Allah's creation

Third question from Fatwa No. 782 Q 3: The question states: “We have children whom we want to encourage to reflect upon Allah’s creation. What holds the land that exists on the surface of water, and prevents it from falling into the water? ( Part No : 1, Page No: 59) They said that ‘The … Continue reading