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The menstruating women touching the Qur’aan?

Sheikh Al Alaamah Muqbil Ibn Haadee AlWaadi’ee was asked Question:Is it permissible for the menstruating women to touch the Qur’aan Answer: There is no problem in this due to there being no proof showing the impermissibility of this, as for the Hadeeth (the Qur’aan shouldnt be touched except by the one that is Dhaahir (pure) ) 1 then … Continue reading

Conditions of the Hijaab

Excerpts taken from the book : ‘The Hijaab of the women in the light of the Book and the Sunnah’ by the Sheikh ‘Alee Ibn Ahmed Ar-Raazihee (from the Mashaayikh of Dammaj)  Conditions of the Hijaab:- 1) That it is covering the whole body, and the proofs that will come that prove the hijaab being compulsory points to this … Continue reading