Darul Hadeeth In Dammaj

Bismillah Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

As many of you know that the Rawafid (Houthis) May Allah destroy them have a blockade going on in Sadah Yemen and The are not allowing anything in or out of Dar Al-Hadeeth in dammaj

The are also attacking the Students of Ilm and the Dammajees most of thier attacks are by sniping to keep updated check the link below we are trying to add most of what is going on as soon as we can

make dua for those in Darul Hadeeth


A Part Translation of the Tele-link lecture by Shaikh Rabee’ which he gave to Damaaj:


Al-Allaamah, Ash-Shaykh Rabee’,may Allah preserve him, tonight after
Maghrib gave a tele-link lecture to Damaaj.

You can listen to the audio from the thread below, I encourage that it
is translated as soon as possible for the benefit the lecture contains
of, may Allah reward Al-Allaamah, Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ for his support.

The audio contains of a introduction by Al-Allaamah, ash-Shaykh Yahya
al-Hajooree,may Allah preserve him, where he clarifies that he and
ash-Shaykh Rabee’ love each other for the sake of Allah.

It was an honorable moment, to listen to the lecture click below:





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